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What are Allergies?

Allergy – a heightened sensitivity to different substances, manifested unusual reactions when in contact with them. The immune system as a result of imbalance in their functions, begins to respond to the most common substances as dangerous, triggering appropriate protective processes. Hence – the symptoms of allergies such as rhinitis (runny nose), lacrimation, rash …
Allergens – substances that cause allergies – we can get a variety of ways. The most common inhalant allergen, contained in the air as gases or fine dust, allergenic foods that cause food allergies, skin and provoke allergic reactions in direct contact with the skin surface, drug allergy can develop in different ways when taking medication.
Allergies is very unpleasant condition. Bad cold, swelling, itchy red eyes … When allergies increases fatigue, irritability, increased, decreased immunity. But the unpleasant consequences of allergies do not stop there. Allergies can trigger diseases such as eczema, hemolytic anemia, serum sickness, bronchial asthma.
The main thing for both prevention and treatment of allergies is to identify its cause, the allergen, which causes all the unpleasant consequences.To identify type of allergies you should appeal to the doctor, who will appoint proper cure for you. Now a huge amount of drugs to treat allergies is created.

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